Workplace Performance is 90 Percent Mental with Roger Kitchen on We’re Only Human

“So the nerdy neuroscience about the brain is that your brain can’t distinguish between a real-time event or if you visualized it.  But when you when you walk yourself mentally, emotionally, visually through those things, and you just see yourself doing them and being successful, that’s the really key piece.”

Roger Kitchen, Mental Skills Coach

We’re Only Human — Episode 115

High-performing individuals in music, athletics, and even business use coaches to help them accomplish their goals, but have you ever thought about the importance of mental skills at work?

For knowledge workers (and HR leaders), the vast majority of performance isn’t physical in nature, it’s mental. And yet we let ourselves continue doing what we’ve always done, missing opportunities to create better performance and work habits.

In this fun interview with Roger Kitchen, a mental skills coach, Ben and Roger dive into the key aspects of creating good work habits, focusing mental performance, and driving better satisfaction and resilience.

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