A Few Updates for the Curious

Sometimes I wish I could be everywhere at once. Alas, that isn’t going to be happening any time soon, but it seems like things are staying at least that busy! Here’s what is on my mind at the moment.

  • SHRM12 in Atlanta-I’m going. Are you? If you’d like to meet in person (warning: I’m much more quiet/reserved in person than you would imagine reading this blog), I would love the opportunity to talk with you. I plan to be in town June 24th through the 27th. Shoot me an email and we can connect. I’m also looking at getting a little group together for some fun/easy running and chatting. No speed or pressure! Click here for more on that.
  • HRevolution in Chicago-This isn’t until October, but I’m already getting very excited about the event. Click here to learn more and register. You’ll get to talk with some of the smartest HR/recruiting pros around. Highly recommended.
  • After my recent employee financial wellness post, I realized I had a few more ideas to share and plan to write a sequel soon. Semi-off topic: I recently signed up for PerkStreet’s debit card. I don’t like debt and credit cards, so naturally I was thrilled to find out that there’s a cash back (1-2%) debit card out there. Very cool. More info here.
  • I use MailChimp to get email updates to subscribers every time there’s a new post. I just found out they are in Atlanta and I am hoping I can stop by their office while I’m at the SHRM conference and beg for one of their amazing t-shirts. I’ll probably bring bananas as a bribe. Love the company and their culture!
  • I’ve pulled back on my volunteer work with NASHRM as of late. I’m the Social Media Director and have been running their blog, RocketHR, for almost 3 years now and realized that I won’t be continuing that (at least in 2013, if not sooner). I’m starting the process of succession planning and it’s all kinds of headaches. Lessons learned.
  • Work is keeping me busy. From recent posts you’ve seen that we’re doing some “human resource management planning” and trying to figure out what the department is going to look like in the coming months. That’s fun but exhausting. I’m working on everything from recruiting and employee relations to benefits and performance management. We’re looking closely at moving away from a paper-based performance system to one of those newfangled online thingies. :-)
  • The kids are amazing. That’s the first thing everyone wants to know. The challenges of potty training, self-feeding, and keeping them from drinking the water at the bottom of the shower are keeping me and Melanie busy, but it’s so worth it to have them just walk over and kiss you for no reason at at all.

That’s what is up in my world. I have about twenty different things I’d like to do with the site if I can just find the time. Everything from some great new books I’m ready to review to updating the HR Ninja course and more. Fingers crossed that someday soon I’ll learn the secret of no longer needing to sleep!

4 thoughts on “A Few Updates for the Curious

  1. Patty Tanji

    Occassionally I have the opportunity to read your emails. Glad I was privileged to catch up today. Well done sir! My favorite HR guy for sure.

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