Why Start a Blog?

why start bloggingSo you\’re thinking about becoming a blogger? Excellent! There is always room for someone who has something entertaining or informational to bring to the table. And it\’s not as hard as most people think, actually. There are a few steps you can take that dramatically simplify the process and help you to get started as soon as you wish.

But wait, maybe you shouldn\’t…

Why do you want to blog? Ever considered that? Do you have something to say? Do you feel the need to teach others? Do you want a platform to rage against the brokenness of a certain process or industry?

There are virtually infinite reasons for wanting to start a blog, but knowing why you want to start is one of the most important things you have to keep sight of. As time passes, you and your blog will mature and change. If you keep sight of your original intent, it makes it much easier to stay true to yourself and your original motives and passions.

Anyone can do it!

I’m not brilliant (newsflash :-)). There are plenty of people with more brains, experience, etc. out there who can do it better than I can. But for now, they aren’t being heard. I only say that to say this: you can do it, too. Find something you’re excited about and tell the world!

While we\’re talking about passions, what are you passionate about? What topic would you be comfortable writing about for the long haul?  Sure, you can pick a niche that isn\’t your passion, but it is much, much more difficult to stay excited about a topic that isn\’t something you enjoy.

But take heart! There\’s no rule that says you can never change your mind about what you\’d like to write on. You may change your focus a little or a lot in the coming days, but as long as it is a conscious, purposeful change, you have nothing to fear.

Once you\’ve examined your motivations and settled on a topic, let\’s get started, shall we?

The Lessons

  1. Why Start a Blog?
  2. Blog Domain and Hosting
  3. Setting up WordPress
  4. Choosing a Theme
  5. Writing the Blog
  6. Bonus: Blogging Q&A
  7. Bonus: Various video tutorials

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