Case Study: Kimberly Clark Revitalizes Employee Self Service

“In 2021, our employees asked about 27,000 questions from the chatbot and completed about 16,000 transactions. So this year our focus is really on reinforcing awareness and adoption while we’re working to continue to improve our processes, our content, and our support structure.”

Nicole Sloan, Employee Experience Leader, Kimberly Clark

We’re Only Human — Episode 138

For many workers at large companies, the only way to get help is with a phone number or a web portal. While there’s nothing wrong with those actions, they can be disruptive to the daily flow of work and even difficult for those working in positions that don’t lend themselves to office or desk work. 

Kimberly Clark’s Employee Experience team knew this and set out to change the fundamental interaction points for the firm’s 46,000+ global workforce (including everything from desk workers to front line workers and everything in between).

The plan hinged on the implementation of KayCee, a chatbot that drove rapid, tailored interactions for every single request that came in. Listen to this episode to hear how Nicole Sloan and her team approached this challenge. In addition, we get to hear from Melissa Swisher from Socrates about how she and her team helped to enable these positive outcomes with a personalized, responsive chatbot experience for the workforce. 

If your company is thinking about a chatbot for employee self service, this story is going to give you good ideas and insights for your journey. If you’re already on that path, this conversation has good ideas for process improvement that you won’t want to miss. 

Show Notes

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