How Montway Auto Transport Uses Stay Interviews and Employee-Centric Training

“Stay interviews are highly under-rated, but yet can provide , so much insight to your employees and so much data. It’s almost like a secret weapon or secret tool that  companies just don’t take advantage of.”

Amanda Turbeville, Global Head of Human Resources, Montway Auto Transport

We’re Only Human — Episode 139


In today’s challenging hiring environment, employers need a way to connect with their people. Compensation? It’s a start, but it doesn’t motivate long-term. What about autonomy, training, and support? Those can create lasting connections with staff and drive retention in a powerful way. 

But where do you start? In this conversation with Amanda Turbeville, Global Head of HR for Montway Auto Transport, you’ll hear how the company leverages stay interviews not just to keep people, but to help define custom career paths to keep them engaged and connected with the organization. Amanda opens her play book and shares the questions they ask in these stay interviews as well as how they are utilized. 


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