Connecting Healthcare Operations and Recruiting at Mercy on We’re Only Human

“It’s about understanding that workforce isn’t a recruiting job. It isn’t a leadership job. It’s everybody’s job. If you have needs in the workforce, you must communicate them. And the vehicle to do that is our recruiting team.”

Betty Jo Rocchio, Chief Nursing Officer, Mercy


We’re Only Human — Episode 109


One of the consistent priorities in our research over the last few years for recruiters is to align with the business and build deep, strategic partnerships. In today’s episode, you’ll get unique insights from Mercy about how the talent acquisition leadership interacts and engages with its nursing operations leaders. 

Ben talks with Kayla Drady and Betty Jo Rocchio about their partnership, how they interact with and support each other (especially during COVID times), and what lessons they think other talent and business leaders could use to create deeper relationships. In this episode you’ll learn how to create that lasting, impactful relationship with key stakeholders, including the role of skill data, analytics tools, and more. 


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