Making Magic for Candidates with on We’re Only Human

“We are what we call a conversational AI platform, the main product being our AI assistant, which was built with a really simple kind of mission to create magical experiences for candidates.” 

Josh Zywein,


We’re Only Human — Episode 108


Chatbots aren’t new. Most of us have used them as consumers to get support when we visit a website for a cable or mobile phone provider. Plus, in our last report on chatbots in the recruiting technology space a few years ago, we found over 25 different companies offering bots and tools to help employers automate and streamline their hiring.

But not all of them are cut from the same cloth. 

In this interview with Josh Zywein from, we talk about how recruiting chatbots have evolved and how the company’s bot (Olivia) has served customers like Nestle, McDonald’s, CVS Health, and others. 

We also talk about why chatbots aren’t a “DIY” project and what you can get with a dedicated, purpose-built system. 


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