Don’t Judge for Feelings, Judge for Actions – Featuring Faye Ekong on We’re Only Human

“There’s a lot of blame going around. Rumors, gossip, people are on their guard.  So this kind of hidden anger and passive aggressiveness that I have seen, [what’s] always an eye-opener with clients is how many people need to be CC’d on any given email. So the more people that are CC’d in anything gives you an indication: there’s a bit of fear, and so that shows that there’s generally low trust.” 

Faye Ekong, Managing Director, RavelWorks Africa


We’re Only Human — Episode 116


In the organizational context of change management, it’s easy to become frustrated or flustered with people about how they feel about policies and decisions. But as Faye Ekong so clearly illustrates in this conversation on We’re Only Human, we should hold them accountable for their actions, not how they feel. 

In addition, Faye shares insights on organizational health (and a lack of it) with examples that will make you smile and nod along with her. Her work in Africa in may ways reflects the work of HR leaders around the globe, and her advice is helpful for driving better change and HR outcomes. 


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