Work Has Changed at DHL – Here’s How The Company is Prioritizing Talent

“Listening without solving… Is really important, because the tendency for a lot of people is when somebody comes to you with an issue, the immediate response is to try and find a solution to the problem when in fact that may not be what you need.” 

Gordon Simpson, SVP Human Resources, DHL Global Forwarding


We’re Only Human — Episode 117


Work is changing. We all know it. We’ve seen it. Hiring is more difficult than ever, and predictions are that it will get harder. Retaining talent is critical. Development is essential. 

It’s easy to feel like it’s a problem that nobody can solve, but in today’s conversation, Ben talks with Gordon Simpson of DHL Global Forwarding about how the firm is serving its workforce by putting them first. From shifting to bring PPE into the country during COVID to health concerns with return to work, DHL is adapting to meet the challenges its people face and supporting them at the same time. 


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