Eleven Signs You Need to Get Out of HR

With over 800 posts in the archives, I know some of you have missed some good stuff over the years. I’m going to test out publishing some of these regularly to breathe some new life into the content and give you guys a chance to check them out. Enjoy!

We’ve all seen them. They drag their crusty, misshapen forms around, spreading despair and agony in their wake. No, I’m not talking about trolls, I’m talking about HR people! We’ve all worked with them before, but some might look at you and think that you fit the bill. Here are a handful of signs you might be turning into one of them!

  1. You secretly cheer when it’s time to put an employee on a performance improvement plan
  2. You have immense pride in the fact that your department has resisted that newfangled “Human Resources” title and still proclaims itself “Personnel”
  3. You love creating new policies
  4. When an interviewee asks you why you like working there, you give them a blank stare
  5. In order to save money on healthcare benefits you tell your employees to Google their symptoms
  6. You’re secretly hoping the government will add a few more required forms for new hires to complete (gotta love that paperwork!)
  7. You have instituted a written performance appraisal process that is excruciatingly painful for both employees and managers to navigate
  8. Your employee HR portal says, “Good luck finding anything in this mess” with dozens and dozens of links and documents strewn about
  9. You keep holding out for your “seat at the table”
  10. Your extent of your foray into HR metrics includes knowing the current number of employees and how many parties you’ve planned
  11. You read this list and thought, “Huh, that’s really not so bad.”

I thought everyone needed a little humor to kick off this fabulous Friday! I’d love for some of you to kick in your own ideas to keep this going. Any takers? 

11 thoughts on “Eleven Signs You Need to Get Out of HR

  1. Bruce Dodge

    12. You personally have brought an end to the company brand discussion, you are going to serve Maxwell House in the break room.

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