Four Signs Your Organization Has an Ethics Problem (Video)

Wondering if your company has an ethics problem? Check out the video below and have a laugh–my treat. :-)

Warning: This is not intended to be serious. If you’re disappointed, then I’m sorry. Who would like hearing about real ethics issues anyway? ;-)

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4 Signs You Have an Ethics Problem at Your Company

  • Stealing office supplies isn’t an issue. Because they’re already gone. Now people are checking out the carpet and furniture.
  • The anonymous ethics tipline was replaced with a $4 per minute psychic hotline.
  • Annual ethics training is fifteen minutes long and includes things like “I won’t tell if you won’t” and “Hey, who’s to say what the ‘right thing to do’ really is?”
  • Your CEO got a trophy from the company after his 9th acquittal.

Seriously, though. If you want to know what a company values in its employees, watch what it rewards them for. Enron had some snazzy values and ethics posted for all to see, but they were rewarding those who cut corners at every opportunity.

Have a great (and ethical) Friday!