Guest Post Blitz #7

mountain dew your brain

I heart Diet Mountain Dew

Leadership lessons from the 1920s? Feedback tips from a sign at Wal-Mart? Working with people who make you want to smash your face into a wall? No, I haven’t gone off the deep end (well, any more than normal, anyway). I’ve been playing in other peoples’ sandboxes! And I have to admit, it’s pretty darn fun.

I have several guest posts that went live (fairly recently) elsewhere that you may have missed. Some of them might be a bit different flavor than the usual upstartHR offerings, so be sure to check them out!

If you\’re interested in seeing some of my previous escapades, click here for the Guest Post Blitz archive.

I’m usually pretty long-winded, but I took a different approach with my post for Trish at HR Ringleader. This super short post teaches a few feedback lessons

Lisa Rosendahl of Simply Lisa has been a great resource for me, and one of the first things I realized about her early in my career is that being a leader and being in HR aren’t mutually exclusive. That’s why I shared a post with her on leadership lessons across the ages. Plus, bonus coolness, it was chosen by Wally Bock (one of the best leadership guys around!) as a leadership post of the week!

I’ve mentioned my role in helping Alison Green create a resource on how to interview well. Well, I wrote a post for CAREEREALISM (one of my favorite career sites) talking about interviewing and its resemblance to endurance sports.

Long, long ago (in a galaxy far far away) sorry, that was Star Wars. Anyway, earlier this summer, I did a post for Krista Francis of Alive HR on friendliness and personal development. I think we’ve all faced one of those people, and I just had to spill my guts about the experience.

Oh, and sorta sidetracking, but Melanie and I finally got the story up on our adoption blog about the day the girls were born. Not sure if anyone wants to know, but it’s there if you do. :-)

Finally, I did a video recently on working with meaning and purpose. The guys over at Rypple liked it so much they asked for permission to share it on their Make Work Meaningful site. Awesome!

Whew! Staying busy, huh? Is there a guest post in there that you particularly like? If so, which one?