8 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving from upstartHR

  1. Trish McFarlane

    Happy Thanksgiving Eubanks family! I’m thankful that you were blessed with Bella and Bree this year. I’m also thankful that Melanie supports Ben in all his online endeavors. Can’t wait to meet Melanie and those gorgeous girls at HRevolution.

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  3. Stephen Harrison

    Your family is adorable. I still don’t think you know which twin is which. Poor girls. :P But really, I am so happy that you and Mel were blessed with those two little angels. I am glad to have your family in my life – cannot beat having amazing friends! Looking forward to seeing you all again sometime soon. Happy Thanksgiving! Per the usual, high fives all around!

  4. Christy H.

    You have a lovely family. I came across this site when I was looking into info about entry level hr. I graduate in June and just got an hr generalist position at a very small company and start next week! So excited. And I’m taking the PHR in January too. Anyway, just wanted to mention that I am also a twin (identical) and my sister and I were adopted and we are best friends. Being twins is the best! She is my best friend. That’s all! Thanks for this cool site and I will definitely use it for all its great resources!

  5. Ben Post author

    @Christy Really? That is amazing! If you have secret tips for a parent of twins, I’m all ears. :-)

    A question for you… As a recent grad and someone who’s leaping feet first into HR, is there anything you’d like me to cover on the blog that might help you as you go along? I enjoy writing things that I know will actually help people.

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