How to Get 45+ Free HRCI Credits for the PHR or SPHR

This week I connected with a wonderful person who shared something that I just had to plug here. You know I’m a fan of certification and the benefits it can bring to your career. But once that certification is done you have that teensy, minor detail of getting 60 credit hours in order to recertify every three years.

Truth be told, many of us scramble at the last minute to get them in (or just to collect the information if we already attended enough events–goodness we can be so disorganized with our own professional development!) But what if I told you there’s a way to get 80% of the credits you need for your next recertification. For free. Over the Web. From the comfort of your home or office.

Yeah, I knew that would get your attention. :-)

free hrci credits hcm academyMay I introduce you to Ultimate Software’s HCM Online Academy? Let’s get you two acquainted.

What is it?

This tool was developed by the team at Ultimate to offer free learning opportunities to the HR community. Unlike many groups that offer archived webcasts, these courses fall under the “elearning” category for PHR/SPHR purposes, which means there is no cap on the number of credits you can earn. For those of you that didn’t know, many of the webcasts and webinars have a 20 hour limit each recertification window.

There are currently 48 recertification credit hours available, but that number is increasing over time as new classes are added. Want something more interactive than a video? There are additional resources and discussion forums available to take it further.

I have to give a shout out to Erika Shapiro for reminding me of this very cool initiative. Thanks again to Erika and the Ultimate team for making this available to the HR community in general and to the certified HR community specifically! Here are the reasons they recommend that you take advantage of this resource:

1. You’ll gain industry experience from HR executives who’ve already tested out-and found great success-with the concepts they’re discussing.

2. There’s no cost for you to attend! Where else can you gain industry knowledge for free, network with your peers for free, and earn recertification credit hours-for free?

3. No asking, no driving, no hassles! We know how hard it is to take time away from the office to attend tradeshows, workshops, seminars, and conferences. With the HCM Online Academy, you don’t have to ask your boss for permission to attend an event, get stuck in traffic, or worry about how much work is piling up back at the office.

4. You can view the materials as often as you’d like. Plus, the speakers’ presentations are broken down into digestible segments, so you can watch part now and then come back and watch the rest when you have time.

5. You can participate in the Academy at your convenience. Want to jump-start your morning by watching an inspirational HR video at the office? Please do so. Interested in viewing a presentation over lunch? Feel free. Can’t sleep at night? We’ll happily keep you company-and informed-24-7. In short, we’re ready when you are!

Have a friend or coworker who is certified? Forward them this link so they can reap the benefits, too!

9 thoughts on “How to Get 45+ Free HRCI Credits for the PHR or SPHR

  1. Angelique

    Great article but we should be able to access from a personal email. My company doesn’t like a lot of stuff coming in on its server.

  2. JC

    Thank you. This will be very helpful for someone like me that’s majoring in HR, trying to transition, and can’t yet sit for (at least one) certification. Thanks so much

  3. Heather

    Believe it or not, the ability to earn free HRCI credits from HCM Online Academy still exists. I was 30 credit hours short of meeting the requirement so your tip was great! I’ve just shared it with all my HR contacts as well. Thanks!

  4. Leigh Kerwin

    Which section are you placing these credits in on your recert list? I’ve listed all of my other webinars and such under ‘Professional Development: Pre-Approved”

    1. Ben Post author

      @Leigh, if it is a preapproved session with a credit/code provided, then you’re correct. If it’s something else you are consuming, even if there is no preapproval code, you can put it in as well just not in the preapproved section.

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