How Mayo Clinic Selects Leaders: A Case Study

“When we select leaders, what we have found is leaders may have great, innovative ideas. They may be very driven to achieve. But if they’re not inspiring people, if they’re not demonstrating those interpersonal qualities that people see them as servant leaders, we’ve noticed that people are not willing to follow them. So we really emphasize that [serving] is exactly the quality that we want to see in leaders.”

Ji-Yun Kang, Leadership Assessment and Selection, Mayo Clinic

We’re Only Human — Episode 146


All of the data indicate that a leader can make or break someone’s experience at work. In this episode of We’re Only Human, Ben talks with Ji Yun Kang, head of leadership assessment and selection at Mayo Clinic. Ji-Yun shares the key attributes the organization looks for in its leaders, including the things that push someone into the “no” pile when under consideration. 

Ms. Kang also suggests how to evaluate if leaders are actually successful or not, offering examples that help to make this conversation very practical for companies that want to use their leaders to engage, develop, and retain their workforce. 


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