Positioning Culture as ”Business Success Insurance” on We’re Only Human

“I guarantee there is a direct correlation between a fantastic culture to business success.  They are always together. I would say that the strong culture is the insurance policy of every business.”

Ronni Zehavi, CEO, HiBob

We’re Only Human — Episode 147

What if we had a way to shield our businesses from unnecessary turnover, disinterested staff, and other similar challenges?

It turns out that we do. It’s called culture. In some new research, we found that just 52% of HR leaders say their technology supports the employee-focused culture they desire. That’s a big gap. 

In today’s interview with Ronni Zehavi of HiBob, Ben dives deep with Ronni into culture, why it matters, and how HR technology helps to support an employee-focused culture in practical ways. Ronni talks about transparency, teamwork, flexibility, and other tangible examples based on his experience as a business leader. 


This episode is sponsored by Workplace from Meta. 



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