How to Give Critical Feedback at Work (Video)

Learning how to give critical feedback isn’t difficult, but actually doing it can be! Check out the video (and notes) below for some recent research on how to put this communication tool to use in your organization.

Video on why and how to give critical feedback

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Video notes

  • Positive feedback is valuable at the beginning of a project or movement to get traction.
  • Positive feedback has decreasing returns as the recipient becomes more proficient.
  • Learning how to give critical feedback the right way can actually help people learn from their mistakes and do better work.
  • Economics is a really cool topic, even if it takes a handful of nerds to decipher the data. :-)

Most of us know how to give critical feedback, but something inside still holds us back. As the smart guys at Freakonomics tell us, negative or critical feedback can be a positive thing!

Have you seen this scenario play out in your organization? How do you identify the tipping point between delivering positive or critical feedback? 

2 thoughts on “How to Give Critical Feedback at Work (Video)

  1. Sayward

    Thanks Ben! This is something that I am trying to push in our company. We have never been a place that says “good job” or “thank you” and I think that makes it extra hard to give critical feedback. We have seen much better morale by asking our managers to just say “Thank you” when they feel it is warranted and hopefully now we can use this momentum to address some issues that will make us all improve.

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