How To Keep Your Remote Workers Happy

thailand-2113685_1920With the advances in technology and the ability to stay connected from just about anywhere in the world, careers that don't require an office have become really popular. Why be tied to a desk or a city when you can get your work remotely from wherever you want and still be a valuable team member?

It can be a true asset to build your team from remote workers. You don't have to worry about providing a storefront or an office where you can all meet, and you can give your team members the freedom and creativity to do their best work. With the right coordination, you can still gather your team members for a virtual meeting from anywhere and save on business travel expenses.

With no face to face interaction, it can be a challenge to maintain a high level of credibility and motivation. Even when your team members are not in the same location as you are, their comfort and satisfaction as part of the company remain important. 

Get their feedback through innovative quizzes and surveys and always insist on an open flow of communication. Follow these other tips to help you keep your remote workers happy and productive.

Open Communication

Communication is the most important thing in keeping your team working efficiently. Let your team know that there are never any stupid questions and invite each member to contact you with concerns at all times.

Feedback, even in the form of criticism, can be extremely helpful to the creative process so, although it can be tough to hear sometimes, open feedback should always be encouraged.

When you are half a world away from some of your team members, it becomes important to respond to inquiries quickly. Don't leave your team hanging when they are waiting on decisions so they can continue their part of the group work.

Reward Effort

One of the most common complaints from workers in every field is that they feel underappreciated in their workplace. Even if you have a great record of being encouraging and complimentary, this is something that needs to be continued with your whole remote team. Because you aren't sharing a face to face relationship, it can take more effort to let your employees that they are doing a great job.

Positive reinforcement and setting incentives for your staff can help them to stay focused and productive. Offering your staff extra training and job opportunities is a great way to show that you want to lead a team that grows and expands together.

Clear Expectations

Even if your team is scattered around the world and from different generations and cultures, you should always remain on the same page professionally. A common goal must be the priority to help keep everyone heading in the right direction.

Establish a firm set of house business rules and follow up whenever a team member is getting off track. The best teams are the ones that are all working side by side and understand all the expectations.

Bringing in remote workers to your company has some great advantages. It gives you the freedom to build your team based entirely on qualifications and talent without issues of location. Keep your remote team happy and engaged by opening all communication, rewarding outstanding work and keeping everyone on the same page for the project.