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PHR Self Study
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. Not sure if it’s for you? Read on.

The HR certification exams are tough. They’re not unbeatable, but they are definitely nothing to sneer at. Any exam with a nearly 50% fail rate is going to require some major preparation, right?

So you buy an $800 set of books and CDs and hope that you can focus enough time out of your busy life to absorb the material and pass the exam.

Time and time again I’ve seen that scenario play out with a negative ending. Some poor HR professional thinks that she can just pay the money, get the study materials, and pass the exam.

However, she is missing a key piece of the puzzle. It’s called motivation. It’s called accountability. After all, we’re only human, right? And with work, family, and social responsibilities clamoring for our time, you better believe that your studies will go on the back burner in the event of a conflict.

If you’re taking the SPHR exam, did you know I have a custom study course just for you?

What if…

What if there was some way to keep you on track with your studies without having to join a local study group and conform to their schedule?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have automatic updates a few times a week with study tips, areas to focus on, and ideas for incorporating what you learn into your day job,? What if there was a tool that did all that, plus offered access to practice exams, unlimited email support, and a time-tested study guide for passing the HR certification exams?

I have good news for you, because you have found that tool. Click here to buy the self study course.

I still want more details…

Okay, so you want to prove that you’re an HR person and get down to the nitty gritty details. Good deal. Let’s go rapid fire:

  • The course is $97 (many study groups charge $100, $200, or more to join!)
  • That price includes a $20 study aid companion (the standalone tool has helped over 100 people pass their exam so far)
  • The course has 7 modules with more than 50 lessons in video, audio, text, and more
  • Each of the short, snackable lessons help to keep you focused and engaged
  • Each module provides terms to define (kinda like flashcards, without the cards)
  • Each module contains a homework assignment to keep you on track
  • This tool provides recurring engagement tools like no other HR certification study tool on the market
  • Designed to be used in conjunction with a study resource to give a more balanced approach
  • Unlimited email support
  • Get your copy now

What others are saying…



Thank you! You definitely hit the nail on the head with this, as I’ve been really dragging my feet studying for this. Thanks again for creating this!




I attempted the PHR in June and came up short by 20 points. Heartbreaker. I was reluctantly planning my study strategy when I received the info on your study guide. It has been most helpful.




I want to thank you so much for going out of your way in helping me prepare for my PHR. It is so very much appreciated.

If that’s not enough information for you, get in touch with me (ben@upstarthr.com) and I’d be happy to answer any questions.

20 thoughts on “SPHR-PHR Self Study Course

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  10. Patrise

    Do you recommend I purchase the SHRM Learning System in addition to your self study course? I was actually trying to save money but I’m wondering if it is even necessary to purchase the Learning System at all…



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  12. Michelle Perris

    I’m not sure that I am following the difference between the SPHR Self Study course and the HR Certification Self Study. Can you break it down for me, or point me to the section of the website that does this? Thanks!

    1. Ben Post author

      Hey, Michelle. The difference in the courses is that the SPHR side has information specific to that exam.

    1. Ben Post author

      Hey, Christie! I didn’t create this to prepare people specifically for the SHRM exam, but I have several clients that have used it for that exact purpose. The big difference in my course and others is that mine is focused on building business competencies and helping to shape a big picture view of the world, not just knowledge around laws and other basic “memorization” stuff.

  13. Joe

    I’m reading through the site but getting a little lost on what are the recommendations. My desire is to take and pass the SPHR. What are the resources you recommend for the exam to achieve a pass the first go around?

  14. Rhonda Hanes

    Hello – I have registered to take the SHRM – SCP exam and am finding there is not a lot of study material available with the exception of the SHRM website. Could I use your material for the SHRM – SCP?

    1. Ben Post author

      Hey, Cathy (and others with this question). I’ve answered this request about five times today via email and thought it was worth sharing here on the site. :-)

      There is not a specific SHRM-focused guide or audio that we or HRCP offer, but I have had multiple students this year use our courses (both written and audio) to help them pass the SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP exams. While HRCI and SHRM make a big deal about how the exams are different, it’s not like HR is done two fundamentally different ways, right? I’d like to think that it’s actually MORE appealing and applicable for someone getting the SHRM exams because I do not focus on laws and legal pieces in the content but on best practices for building a great HR function.

      Hope that helps!

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