HR Analyst Day *Podcast Takeover* Featuring Engagedly on We’re Only Human

“Be gentle with yourself. I think we can all afford a little compassion and we’re often able to give that to others easier than we’re able to give it to ourselves. Give yourself time for introspection to understand what truly motivates you and let that be your first step.”

Kristin Richter, Engagedly


We’re Only Human — Episode 105


This is a special edition of We’re Only Human! Last fall Ben cohosted HR Analyst Day with Jessica from Workology (who you’ll hear on today’s show). They talked with a wide variety of HR tech companies covering recruiting, benefits, learning, engagement, and more. This episode was one of the outcomes from that experience. In it, Jessica interviews Kristin Richter from Engagedly about the company’s focus and how it helps to create a more human-centered workplace. 


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