HR Recertification-How Do You Do It?

I’m working on a new HR recertification guide to provide some unique ideas for how to get HRCI recert credits to renew your PHR, SPHR, or GPHR certification. One thing I wanted to do was ask you guys for some help.

HRCI allows professionals to use a range of activities to count toward recertification credits, including continuing education, webinars, on the job work experience, training sessions, and more. I’m looking for ideas that fit into these categories that you have used to get credits on a previous recertification application. The more unique/interesting, the better!

While you can use things like webcasts and local SHRM chapter meetings to get the bulk of your HRCI credits, most of us would like to break out of that repetitive cycle and do something new and fresh. Let’s make the recertification process more fun and valuable! The growth and continuous development aspect of certification is what makes it more valuable than even a college degree in some cases, so let’s make the most of it.

If you have taken the exam and have had to recertify previously, I would love to use some of your ideas in the new guide. Please click here and respond to this one-question survey on HR recertification (update: the survey is now closed, and the HR recertification guide is now available!). Thanks!

If you have not had to recertify yet, I think you will find this tool valuable!

10 thoughts on “HR Recertification-How Do You Do It?

  1. Sayward

    I used my need for recert credits as a means to design and implement a new training program. We now do monthly team “Work Sessions”. It helps with immediate problem solving and team development.

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