HRCI Kills Student Exemption

hrci exam student exemptionThere seems to be a segment of the HR population that cares a lot about certification and puts a certain amount of “weight” in the PHR or SPHR designation. While not all of us are raging fans of HR certification, I\’d like to know your thoughts on HRCI changing the requirements for students and recent graduates. Starting in 2011, that segment of the HR population will no longer be eligible to take the exam.

I could elaborate on my own feelings, but I wrote a post explaining my thoughts on HRCI\’s recent graduate exemption change, and my friend Matt left a comment that was so great that I used it as a guest post (both of them are definitely worth reading if you\’re interested in HR certification).

I admit that I think it’s a tough break for entry level HR professionals who want to prove their dedication and intelligence, but I also understand that it’s necessary to maintain the credibility of the certification. All you need is a good PHR study guide and you’re ready to go! What do you think?

Photo by Jono2k5.