#HRevolution-The #MonsterSocial Recap

Whew! It’s 6:00 am as I write this and it’s time to start getting ready to head over to Catalyst Ranch. A little bit of news…

The Monster Social event held last night at TheWit Hotel was simply amazing. My good buddy Eric Winegardner from Monster outdid himself this time. People started arriving to the event half an hour early just to get a head start on meeting everyone. If you weren’t there, you totally missed out. A few high points for me…

  • Started off by greeting the other members of the committee. Joan Ginsberg, Crystal Peterson, Mark Stelzner, Jason Seiden, Trish McFarlane, and Steve Boese were fun to meet the first time. They were even better this time around!
  • Joined Joan and Crystal at the welcome table and was able to meet just about everyone as they walked in the door. Nice way to start off the evening!
  • Met (for about 10 seconds) Willy Franzen. I was the only person who realized who he was at first. :-)
  • Heard a strange rumor about me not going on the HR Happy Hour show because I’m too cool for that stuff. Sounds like a lot of people are misinformed out there… I just have a wacky schedule and have to really shift things around to be available when the show comes on. But I love Steve (the host) and the show, so that’s what really matters.
  • Had the opportunity to speak with Dave Ryan about how he got started in social media and how his company is starting to use it. I always love hearing people tell about how social tools have had an impact on their work.
  • Made my way over to Lance Haun and we totally decided to give our mutual friend Chris Ferdinandi a hard time for missing out on two HRevolution events in a row. :-)  Like going to Italy is more fun than this? Pffft.

There’s plenty more where that came from, but I really should be getting ready to go! I’ll catch you all later with a sweet update.

If you attended the Monster Social event last night, drop a comment and let me know what you got out of it. I’d love to hear!

5 thoughts on “#HRevolution-The #MonsterSocial Recap

  1. jkjhr

    Great event. Thank you Eric and Monster and thank you committee. It was great to start to faces with names and avatars. Looking forward to today.

  2. BosonWriter

    The travel gods conspired against me so I missed the Friday night festivities, but I’m looking forward to meeting everyone @ the Catalyst Ranch today. See you there!

  3. Chris Frede

    I am so impressed Ben that you got up early to write this post! The Monster social event was outstanding, I have never attended anything like it. There were so many smart (and fun) people to talk with. Oh, and the drinks, food and cup cakes were great!

  4. Ben Post author

    @John It was fun to meet you finally! Despite you being a hockey fan, I still would love to connect more now that the event is over.

    @Boston Hope Saturday was everything you thought it would be (and more!).

    @Chris Oooh, the cupcakes were fantastic. Thanks for that lovely memory… :-)

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