Human Resource Problems

I just published a list of 50 human resource problems as a challenge to the HR pros out there. It’s meant as a fun way to help you get excited about what you do and to commit to making yourself better.

Here are a few of the ideas and problems you’ll run across in this info-packed article:

  1. Try an autonomy audit with your employees (or talk with your managers about setting one up with their staff). It’s a great way to help them get a handle on their own job duties and build confidence.
  2. Find out if there’s a need for leadership development. Hint: if you have employees, you have leaders. Here’s lesson #1 for your leaders.
  3. Take a peek at your training that you offer (you do offer some, right?). Is there anything you can do to increase the impact of the training you provide or increase the offerings to your employees? Maybe throwing in cost-effective lunch and learn events or something more? Check out the free training eBook to get started.

For the rest of the 50 human resource challenges, click the link. I hope you enjoy!

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