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Human Resource Problems

I just published a list of 50 human resource problems as a challenge to the HR pros out there. It’s meant as a fun way to help you get excited about what you do and to commit to making yourself better.

Here are a few of the ideas and problems you’ll run across in this info-packed article:

  1. Try an autonomy audit with your employees (or talk with your managers about setting one up with their staff). It’s a great way to help them get a handle on their own job duties and build confidence.
  2. Find out if there’s a need for leadership development. Hint: if you have employees, you have leaders. Here’s lesson #1 for your leaders.
  3. Take a peek at your training that you offer (you do offer some, right?). Is there anything you can do to increase the impact of the training you provide or increase the offerings to your employees? Maybe throwing in cost-effective lunch and learn events or something more? Check out the free training eBook to get started.

For the rest of the 50 human resource challenges, click the link. I hope you enjoy!

4 Posts You Might Have Missed

It’s been a few weeks since I posted here, but I have definitely still been busy with writing and other activities. I’d like to share a few articles I’ve written lately that might be of interest. The funny thing is that I didn’t even realize it until I started grabbing the links that two of them are focused on corporate culture and two of them are focused on wellness initiatives. Good stuff on both topics, so dig in and let me know your thoughts!

Anything you’ve read lately that is interesting? I’d love to know about it!

Working with “monsters”

Happy Halloween!

Sometimes in the HR profession we run across people that others just can’t deal with. Whether it’s the guy with the body odor problem, the gossiping employee, or the disengaged segments of the workforce, we are the ones people turn to when things get sticky. Compared to the rest of the employees, they almost seem like monsters!

Click here to read Monsters at Work

What do new HR professionals want?

I’ve been putting together a series over on my other blog about SHRM’s new Human Resources Young Professional project, and the series has covered some of the major issues identified by new HR pros. Those issues include lack of credibility, lack of challenging work, and lack of a definite career path. It’s a great read even for those of you who are experienced HR ninjas, because these topics are ones that reach out and touch everyone in our profession from the newest intern to the most senior VP.

I’d love to hear about any experiences you’ve had with managing or interacting with new HR pros. Are they up to snuff? Are they lacking in some pertinent skills (writing, communication, professionalism, etc.)?

Sharing-stylish ever since your mother forced it on you

I spend a lot of time writing. Sometimes things turn out well, and other times things I write are probably best described as “an affront to humanity.” :-) Seriously, though, I have a few different posts I’ve written recently that you might be interested in reading.

And the most-viewed post (ever!) was ironically a guest post by my friend Robin Schooling from over in Louisiana. She wrote about the importance of growing and developing to avoid stagnation as HR professionals. I highly recommend it!

Have you read anything fantastic in recent weeks? I’d love to hear about it!