Jim D’Amico-Recruiter Extraordinaire

There\’s something amazing about the online HR/recruiting community. People are willing to share amazing free information with others, and they also support each other when the need arises. Well, my little community, I need you to do me a favor…

Hire this Man

jim damico

My friend Jim is looking for a new gig. He writes a brilliant blog under a silly name, and you can just see a few nuggets of wisdom that he delivers on a weekly basis.

If you take a few minutes to read through some of his archives, you\’ll quickly see that he knows his stuff. If you want to know more about Jim, check out his LinkedIn profile and his resume, too. Need to contact him via email? Go for it. He\’s on Twitter, too!

If you have something that may be a fit, pass it on. He\’s always been more than friendly with me, and I think he\’d rock to work with. Too bad my organization\’s not hiring!

Like I said, Jim\’s been good to me, and I can only hope that he would do the same for me if I needed it. If you could tweet or blog about Jim and his new availability, I would personally appreciate it. Thanks!

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