Listening to the Needs of 1700 People at Once at Getty Images

“We have 1700 people at our company. That’s 1700 different opinions, needs, journeys. So at Getty Images we create and we measure and we monitor engagement opportunities to strengthen a work culture where people belong and they can do their best work.”

Marie Potter, Senior Director, Culture & Development, Getty Images

We’re Only Human — Episode 161


Defining the problem is a big step towards finding a solution. But what do you do when the problem or challenge is so broad and varied that it’s hard to pinpoint what solution might work? That’s the difficulty that arises daily for HR leaders looking at how to support the needs of every person in the workforce. In this episode of We’re Only Human, Ben talks with Marie Potter from Getty Images about how she and her team are able to listen, identify, and support the needs of their workforce at scale. 

Show Notes