3 People Leaders Share Frontline Employee Engagement Secrets

“One of the things that a lot of our industry struggled with was trying to regulate employees and not let them have their phone in their hand, but we actually encourage it. We ask them to help us do TikToks. Everybody gets involved. It really brings in a sense of camaraderie. We’re not constantly saying, ‘Get off your phone. Get off your phone. Get off your phone.’ We’re encouraging them: get on your phone, take the pictures, take the videos, promote the brand.”

Michele Corkins, Senior Manager, People Solutions, Hawaiian Bros Island Grill

We’re Only Human — Episode 162

Think about this research stat: One out of every two frontline workers thinks they aren’t treated equitably with corporate staff. In our 2022 Frontline Worker Study that covered thousands of frontline staff around the world, we found so many different insights that are helpful for understanding how to build an employee experience that supports, connects, and engages these critical employees. Today’s podcast episode is a replay of a conversation between Ben and three HR leaders at frontline employers:

  • Michele Corkins of Hawaiian Bros Island Grill
  • Gemma Elay of Hawksmoor
  • Ana Ledesma of Just Salad

Listen in to hear what tools they use to support their people, what resources they think are more relevant to frontline staff, and more. Thanks to Harri for connecting us!

Show Notes