Making ”No Regrets” Changes as People and Business Leaders

“The more that we could be pushing that on the business side to say beyond revenue and profitability, what is the quality metric? What is the wellbeing metric? Obviously, employee engagement many companies measure. Are we measuring the investments in learning that we’re putting out there for our people, even if they are people that end up leaving, if we’re improving the future employability of a workforce, surely that’s a good business and  society metric.”

Bhushan Sethi, People & Organization Joint Global Leader, PwC

We’re Only Human — Episode 144

In the last 24 months, HR and People leaders have been in the spotlight more than ever before, and this has given birth to opportunities to influence and change the workplace for the better. But how do you know which priorities to set, where to put your focus and effort, and what to do first? 

In this episode, Ben talks with Bhushan Sethi, a global people leader from PwC, to understand how he makes these decisions. Using a blend of research and practical perspectives, Bhushan offers helpful advice to people leaders at every company that is proven to drive employee retention and the organization’s employer value proposition. 

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