The One Thing People Analytics Teams Often Get Wrong

“I think the danger that we tend to run as people analytics teams is that we’re not willing to take slightly bolder stances and say, “Hey, we have a better collective picture of the labor market. We have a better collective picture of what enterprise trends and behaviors are like.” We need to give strategic guidance and not just be turning over data products.”

Zach Frank, Senior Manager of People Analytics, Freeman Company (formerly at Aramark)

We’re Only Human — Episode 143

When it comes to analytics and AI usage in the business, we don’t always think about HR and people first. However, there are tremendous opportunities to create and deliver value using both of those tools, even for something as personal and human-centric as the work of HR. 

Zach Frank believes that, and he’s used those principles in his different roles to bring new value for the workforce, managers, and executive leadership through smarter people practices. In this episode, Zach shares with Ben some of the ways that teams can do this well, including one area where they need to step up their game if they want to be relevant and valuable contributors to the business. 

Note: Zach worked for Aramark when this was recorded but recently moved to Freeman Company prior to publication of this episode in a new Senior Manager of People Analytics role. 

This episode is sponsored by Workplace from Meta. 


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