Psst-Your Greatness is Showing

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on another company that we are competing with. Within five minutes of Google searching, it quickly became obvious that their website is woefully inadequate. Their site is 2-3 static pages of fluff (the majority of which is focused on their CEO’s history and accomplishments). They don’t mention what jobs they have, what their culture is like, or what kind of benefits they offer.

In short, it’s pretty darn crappy for anyone showing up there looking for information, including job searchers.

Let’s compare that with another company I ran across in my research. They aren’t a competitor, but I’m glad, because they look like an amazing company who people would be tripping over themselves to work for. In the screenshot below (click to make the image larger), you can learn some of their cultural norms, their mission, and there’s even a compelling call to action for job seekers at the end.

competitive culture

Here’s the text if you can’t read it:

Our Mission Statement

We play to win; Love to live; Create leaders; Give back; Become legendary

Want to make it your mission? Contact us.

Some of the differences in between these companies are obvious, and others are not, but job seekers are going to have a much better candidate experience at the second company than they would at the first! Step back, think like a job seeker, and take a look at what your website looks like. Is your greatness showing? 

11 thoughts on “Psst-Your Greatness is Showing

  1. Chris Ferdinandi

    g’day Ben!

    I actually think this is a pretty weak example of a career/culture page.

    The language is very generic and non-specific. “Our team is committed to each personally and professionally.” What does that actually mean? I think they’d be a lot more effective with concrete examples and stuff their employees are saying.

    People who are funny never say, “I’m really funny.” And people who say that usually aren’t actually funny. I think describing your culture works largely the same way.

    And those stock photos are awful. What does THAT say about their culture?

  2. Chris

    Its all about culture! In a recent LinkedIn poll, we discovered that 44% of our participants are most driven by working environment when looking for a new job. Sure, responsibilities are important. However, who you work with and where you work can make or break an opportunity.

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