ZipRecruiter-My Test Run

I like recruiting. For those that know me well, it’s funny, because I really am not that outgoing or verbose in person.

So why do I love recruiting? Maybe it’s because I get to talk about the place I work. Maybe it’s something else. But one of my biggest frustrations with recruiting is the time it takes. As a generalist I have a thousand other things to take care of at any given moment. I usually get off pretty easy, because I can get enough interest from a simple post that I don’t have to actively source candidates, but sometimes due to the position or location I have a harder time than usual.

That leads to more time spent searching and less time to devote to the other day-to-day activities I have to manage. If I could just get more applicants from a single post, that would save enormous chunks of time for me.

A potential solution?

The other day I received an email pointing me to ZipRecruiter. I’d never used or heard of the service, so I checked it out since I had a new position to post that day. I have to say that I really liked the interface and the ability to post to multiple job sites (including Craigslist). If you are looking for a tool that lets you post your jobs instantly to multiple sites, I recommend checking out ZipRecruiter to see if it might help you save some time and effort. I set it to automatically send people to our job posting in SmartRecruiters so I didn’t have two places to monitor applications.

My experience (your mileage may vary)

After more than a week of having our job posted through their service, I have not noticed an increased number of candidates from our usual flow. That could be due to the position type/location, but those are the facts as far as our job posting goes. Anyone else used ZipRecruiter before and have an experience to share?

8 thoughts on “ZipRecruiter-My Test Run

  1. Rachel D.

    Hi Ben,

    On behalf of ZipRecruiter, I’d like to thank you for using our service!

    I checked out the job posting you discussed here (which looks great, by the way) and wonder if the response rate was unusually low due to the security clearance required. Whatever the reason, we would like to offer you a free month so you can take advantage of our “job slots” model and re-post your job with various titles and descriptions. If interested, the free month will also give you continued access to our resume database.

    Please let me know what you think, and thanks again for giving ZipRecruiter a try.

    Rachel D.

  2. Michael Brisciana

    Hi, Ben – – –

    I’m intrigued that people are SURPRISED that you like recruiting. Just judging by your writing, I would say that it makes perfect sense that you love to recruit. Here’s why … in the end, great recruiting isn’t about talking, it’s about LISTENING — that is, listening to hear the truths that the candidates tell you about themselves in their interview responses and stories. I don’t do very much recruiting myself, but when I do, I’m always fascinated by getting to hear candidates’ stories and discern whether they might be a good fit or not. Perhaps it might be the same for you.


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