SHRM Chapters-Life as a Board Member

SHRM Chapters are local SHRM (Society for Human Resources Management) affiliates that live out SHRM’s mission on a local scale. I’ve been serving on the board of NASHRM, my local chapter, since the middle of 2009, and at the end of this year I am stepping down from my position on the board to focus on some other priorities in my life (family, work, etc.).

For those looking to have an impact on their profession on a local level, SHRM chapters provide a great way to jump in, get some volunteer credits, and develop a strong local network for career and professional development opportunities. (If you’re already volunteering with a SHRM chapter, be sure to check out the free SHRM Chapter Leadership guide.)

What to expect

  • Attending events-As a board member, we were expected to attend our local events regularly to keep a strong presence of the leadership team and to interact with members often. Other local events outside of the chapter afforded other opportunities to interact with the community as an official representative of the local HR community.
  • Board meetings-We had monthly board meetings where we came together to handle the business of running the chapter. These usually took about 1-2 hours a month, and honestly were a fun opportunity to catch up with friends and get a break from the normal routine. Yes, work was accomplished, but it wasn’t the only focus of these meetings.
  • Doing some actual work-Depending on your focus area, each person has varying levels of work activity from month to month. Most chapters have volunteer roles in membership, programs, communications, etc. If you love scheduling and planning events, a programs role would be good for you. If you enjoy connecting with new people and engaging with customers, then a membership role would probably fit your interests. There’s something for everyone!

At some point in the future I’ll look at coming back to the board to volunteer, but for now I’ll be using that time for other pursuits.

Anyone else ever volunteer with local SHRM chapters? I’d love to hear some stories. 

3 thoughts on “SHRM Chapters-Life as a Board Member

  1. Joey Kolasinsky

    Thanks so much for posting on the benefits of being active with your local SHRM chapter. I have a board member for only about 6 months, as secretary. I will be changing my role in January to the Director of Membership, a role that I am both excited and a little nervous about. I agree it has been a great place to meet people passionate about the HR profession and that lots of work needs to be done. Having an attitude of helping wherever needed has helped me develop relationships and give me new excitement around networking in my local area. Thanks again for the post.

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  3. Kristina

    Well you know I love this! I wish everyone in HR would volunteer with their local SHRM chapter! Hey, if they did we could all spend a little less time on it and still get everything done! What will we do without you next year?

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