The Next Generation of HR

next generation of hrTomorrow evening I have the pleasure of speaking to a group of local HR students. The problem is I have time to talk on one topic, but I have several in mind! In a perfect world I’d have the chance to come back a few times and expose them to the full realm of knowledge I’ve picked up over the past few years since my own college days, but this might be the only shot I get. So what’s more important?

Topics of choice

  1. Using social media as an HR/recruiting professional (professional development, recruiting, networking, etc.)
  2. What it’s like to be a department of one (average day’s agenda, importance of alliances, etc.)
  3. What young professionals need to know (how to establish credibility, find work that is meaningful, develop a career plan, etc.)

If you had to rank them in order of importance for what a college student needs to know, how would you do that? I could make a case for each one of them being very important, but my view might be clouded by my own experience and perceptions of the students I will meet.

What advice do you have?

I plan to point them to resources like how to get a job in HR, but beyond that I’m open to advice. Anything you want to share will be plugged during the session, so be as honest as you like!

4 thoughts on “The Next Generation of HR

  1. Kate

    I think the 3rd topic is most important. Going over what soon to be graduates need to know, and how to be successful in their new positions. I graduated 5 years ago and was so concerned with finding a job, that I wasn’t really looking at the fit between the organization and myself. I would have apreciated someone going over that with me. You could also tie in networking and mention social media sites such as Linked In since that is very important in almost any field these days. Good luck!

  2. Erin Borgerson

    As a millennial in HR technology I was totally unprepared for the amount of HR reading and studying that was required when I left school. Too often, millennials assume they know everything (guilty!) so complete immersion in blogs, articles, and books about HR and everything in between even after you graduate is a necessity!

  3. Fannie Proctor

    Thanks for coming and talking to us! It means a lot to hear what’s really going on in the HR world today. Your advice will go a long way!

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