SHRM Leadership Conference-Social Media Panel Thoughts (#shrm10lead)

I meant this video to be a quick response to the social media panel and then I start rambling on about other stuff that I’ve been thinking about during this event. Soon enough the video will come out with all of us on the panel and that will be worth its own post. :-) Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “SHRM Leadership Conference-Social Media Panel Thoughts (#shrm10lead)

  1. Trish McFarlane

    Interesting video. Knowing you like I do, I feel like saying….something is missing. I don’t see the spark, the passion, the Ben that gets all excited to set the world on fire. I almost get the sense that there is frustration. I was hoping to hear that there was excitement about the profession and that SHRM leaders were asking the question “What can I do to really move my chapter forward into this emerging image of HR”. I don’t hear that at all. As a soon-to-be new chapter President, this is on my mind.

    I like the part of the video where you talk about people expecting SHRM to give them something (tools, guidance, policy, etc). And, that for you, if you don’t have something, YOU create it. I’m the same way. I plan to lead my new chapter by MY example. Trial and error, grasping a new idea and just DOING IT. These are my guides.

    Ben, I’m glad you went to the conference. I hope you took away some leadership ideas. But in terms of how to move a group of people to action- you’re light years ahead of SHRM already.

  2. Ben Post author

    I think you caught my underlying frustration well, Trish. I wanted more than I received, and I feel bad for “complaining” about it, since it was a free trip for me, but I did everything I could to make the event useful for me and it really didn’t seem like it was overall. Dave did give me some good advice that I never, ever would have otherwise received, though, so it was worth that if nothing else.

    I’m so glad you’re my big sis. :-)

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