Six reasons to read blogs (like this one)

I often get people who tell me they are too busy to read blogs in the HR/recruiting space. I just shake my head, because as busy as they might be, I am doing that (and more) every single day. Yes, it’s a conscious effort to do something to enhance my own knowledge, but it has been worth it so far and I can only imagine how much it will continue to impact my career and professional development.

Why do I encourage people to read blogs?

  • It’s an amazing way to increase your creativity.
  • Being satisfied never made anyone great. Stay hungry.
  • You’ll be smarter than those who don’t take the time for it.
  • It’s free.
  • You can save money on a consultant. Seriously.
  • It isn’t someone else’s job to train you. You have to own your own growth.

And that’s just scratching the surface. I position my own use of social media as a competitive advantage. If you want to be successful, work to understand it. As the Social Media Director for NASHRM, I’m always available for a quick chat, whether it’s about social media policies or recruiting with social tools.

It’s not rocket science or brain surgery (or rocket surgery). All it takes is a willingness to learn!

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