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You just aren’t that great…

Recently one of my good friends, Daniel Crosby, spoke at a local TEDx event. If you’re not familiar, TED is setting the standard for free, yet incredibly valuable, content. Some of the best and brightest in the world share the TED stage, and Daniel could be one of them. Please check out the video below with his presentation (~20 minutes). Click here to view it directly on YouTube. If you enjoy the content (Daniel is a funny guy), here’s how you can help him to be world famous:

  1. Send the link to your friends and family so they can view and share the video.
  2. Send a quick email to this address: tedxtalks@ted.com. Feel free to cut and paste this short paragraph to make it even faster:

    I just finished watching Doctor Daniel Crosby’s TEDx “You’re Not That Great” speech, and I really enjoyed it. I would like to see Daniel have the opportunity to speak from the TED platform in the future, so please consider him next time you are seeking presenters. He has a great, motivational message wrapped up in humor and psychology, and I know others would enjoy what he has to say. 


    Your Name [Or “The Biggest Daniel Crosby Fan Evah!” would work as well]

  3. And last but not least, let Daniel know you appreciate his work! I’m going to make him aware of this post, so if you want to comment below I’ll make sure he sees it. He’s also on Twitter @incblot.

Culture: commonality and exclusivity

The other day my friend Daniel Crosby pointed me to a company called Clearlink. I checked out their culture study at his urging, and it gave me some great ideas to pursue. Not that it’s scientific or the source of a deep revelation; it’s just one more piece of their culture that can be use to attract (or deter) potential candidates.


It shows the under-the-surface stuff about the company’s people. These are commonalities that aren’t all immediately apparent, yet they provide a platform for people to connect on a deeper, more personal level. I’m an Android fan, so I know I can geek out with plenty of them. Superficial, yes, but having common topics of interest makes for a more enjoyable work environment for all.


One area of culture that’s not discussed as much is the exclusivity factor. It shouldn’t be something that appeals to everyone. When I’m in an interview and I am getting a sense (through deeper, probing questions)  that a person doesn’t have the same values that define the organization, I have no problem letting them go by. Even if someone is has amazing skills and abilities, if they don’t fit the culture it’s going to most likely end up souring before long.

For me, looking at this kind of chart that Clearlink provides is a fun, neat way to see into what they do. For other people, I would imagine that it’s a turnoff if they are looking for a more traditional, 9-to-5 workplace. And you  know what? That is perfectly fine. There’s something out there for everyone!

Does anyone out there do a culture survey at work (more scientific/work focused than this one or just as silly, either one works)? I’d be curious to know what kinds of questions you ask. Feel free to hit me via email and we can discuss: ben@upstarthr.com