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HR Unconference

hr unconference

It has been a wild journey, and HRevolution 2009 is in the books. What can I say? It was, quite simply, an amazing experience. I\’ve read plenty of accounts about HR tweetups and HR unconferences, but nothing quite prepares you for what occurs once you arrive. Wait a minute, you don\’t know what an HR unconference is? It\’s basically a conference with much less formality and structure. Instead of being governed by rules and overbearing planners, an HR unconference is more free-flowing and open to the whims of the attendees. While HRevolution wasn\’t as lax as a normal unconference, it still had a lot of flexibility and fun thrown into the mix. Here\’s a quick breakdown of my own timeline surrounding the event. It\’s a weird, rambling version of the events, but I have to untangle it all before I can make sense of anything!

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