Tell your employees to take a hike

Today we have a guest post from one of the members of the NASHRM Programs committee. Take it away, Jane!

Tell your employees to take a hike. It’s good for them (and your company, too!). Be careful how you tell your employees to take a hike, though. This article is not about employee termination but rather wellness and good health.

One of the obvious ways to achieve good health and therefore better job performance is through staying active and physically fit. We all know that. But how much activity does the average person need? According to the Centers for Disease Control, all healthy adults aged 18-65 need moderate-intensity physical activity of 30 minutes 5 times/week, OR vigorous physical activity for 20 minutes 3 times/week. Additionally, we should all do strength-training of some sort 2-3 times per week, exercising our major muscle groups.

The key fact here for the HR professional is that the moderate 30 minutes can be accumulated throughout the day in three 10-minute sessions. It just might be in your organization\’s interests to suggest your employees take a 10-minute break for a healthy brisk walk and fresh-air break. It\’s a good way to clear one\’s mind so your employees will come back physically refreshed and mentally recharged.

The more active your employees are, the more alert, energetic and productive they will be. Another important aspect of good health and wellness is a peaceful environment. We provide that to working professionals at our facility. We are a community of all one-story buildings so our property is quieter than most, which is a great environment for working professionals.

Here\’s to good health for you and your co-workers!

Jane Pavis is a member of the Wellness Committee with Asbury United Methodist Church and Corporate Suites Manager for Abby Glenn~A Quiet Cove Corporate Suites and Apartments in Huntsville, AL.