Employee to HR Ratio

What is the ideal employee to HR ratio? How many employees do you need before it’s time to hire an HR person? Both of those are great questions, and they are fairly common, too. I was looking through the TribeHR blog the other day and saw this really cool infographic that explains that information and more. As an HR department of one, I can completely relate to some of this stuff! I’d be curious to hear what some of you might think about the correct staff to HR ratio or how that ratio might impact an organization (for better or worse). what is the ratio of hr people to employees?Here’s more info on how the focus on an HR to employee ratio has gotten out of control.

6 thoughts on “Employee to HR Ratio

  1. Olive

    Couldn’t have said it better. Mine is 2:85. I am an entry-level HR Specialist/Recruiter and my responsibilities were mainly admin support. Employers need to realize the difference and essence of an HR personnel.

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