The Data Behind Paid Leave and What Workers Really Want

“I think the the one stat that came out of this research, that nine out of 10 employees would be more likely to stay with their employer if they had this benefit, I was just kind of blown away.”

Rob Whalen, CEO, PTOExchange

We’re Only Human — Episode 140

One of the most common employee benefits is paid leave. Employers offer a variety of options, from more standard accrued leave during every pay period to a newer option for “unlimited PTO.” But how do people feel about these benefits? 

Well, the data are in, and you might be surprised by what you learn. 

In a new research study of 1,000 North American workers, we found that many of them have issues with the Paid Time Off (PTO) programs their companies offer. In this episode, Ben dives into the data with Rob Whalen to understand how workers feel, what they desire, and how employers can embrace flexibility in a powerful, tangible way. 

Listen in to learn: how men and women see this differently, what this means for low-income workers, and why diverse individuals may have different feelings about PTO plans. 

Show Notes

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