Trust, Clear Communication, and Project Management

This week’s been wild and crazy, but I wanted to share some fun (and thought-provoking) pictures I’ve seen in the past few days. Anyone else seen anything particularly neat/interesting this week?

Ain’t that the truth? Found here

Silly, but a good reminder of how important it is to communicate well! Found here

Where’s the HR part of this one? What would it look like? Found here

One thought on “Trust, Clear Communication, and Project Management

  1. PM Hut

    Hi Ben,

    The project management drawing has been used for so long now (I remember a place where I saw it’s history), and it has many variations (this is the first time I see the snowman in this picture).

    In case you’re looking for more PM humor, I invite you to read do you speak project, which is a list of funny project management definitions…

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