What is your favorite HR tip for managers?

The next free eBook coming out soon is going to be about HR tips for managers. I am looking for stories of how real HR pros in the trenches have seen it played out right or horribly wrong when they try to give advice/tips to their managers. Or maybe you have a special piece of information you would offer to managers who don’t have an HR person at their organization? How about telling about what you see almost all of your managers messing up on as a warning to others to be cautious about that area?Just a few ideas!

Your story can be as short as 2-3 sentences or as long as a page. I know we all have different experiences that it would help to share with our peers!

Click here to email me. Just shoot your story over along with your name (first name is fine if you want to be anonymous) and I will work to get you into the next eBook.

Deadline to submit is Wednesday, April 27th. Questions? Let me know!

One thought on “What is your favorite HR tip for managers?

  1. Henway

    I think all managers should learn something about motivation. We live in a deadline oriented world, but putting restrictions and pressure on employees doesn’t help to increase intrinsic motivation. However, giving autonomy, the tools to be productive, and the space to be creative does lead to better satisfaction.

    In addition, little compliments and praises do help. Most employees feel unappreciated, and most can’t learn Zen/Buddhism, so they need those compliments to feel they’re being noticed.

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