What’s so scary about HR? (Video)

What’s the scariest thing about human resources? Well, if you want to get the details on that, then you need to hit up the Halogen software site. They\’ve collected horror stories from HR pros and the videos are available for your viewing pleasure. My video (about a voodoo curse!) is found below, and if you click through you\’ll see great stuff from people like Lance Haun, Kris Dunn, Trish McFarlane, and more.

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Let’s hear yours!

Have your own horror story? I know you do! Let\’s hear ‘em, people. Drop a comment below.

2 thoughts on “What’s so scary about HR? (Video)

  1. Krista Francis

    Hi Ben, HR horror stories, hmmmmm. I will really have to think about that. Don’t think I’ve had anything quite as dramatic as that. We did have an employee a few years back who believed there to be evil spirits residing in the facility. And here’s one that was creepy. We serve people with disabilities. The families of two women rented a house for them with the understanding that we would provide a counselor to live with them. After the lease was signed, we learned that the reason the families got a good deal on the place is because the former occupant had killed two of her three foster children and kept them in the freezer. (She is now incarcerated and the third child has been placed in a loving home.) As you can imagine, it was a horrible, creepy experience, especially for the counselor who had to move it with the residents. She had the place saged and blessed by a priest but it was a long time before she felt truly comfortable there.

  2. Ben Post author

    @Krista Oooh! I remember you telling me the creepy story about the house. That still gives me chills. Thanks for sharing!

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