Why are 70% of Resumes Not Reviewed by Recruiters?

Most companies are using applicant tracking systems which ease the daily duties of an HR and make it harder for an applicant to be noticed. How does the system work and how useful is it?

Automate Your Hiring With Applicant Tracking

Today in the busy world we have to proceed bunches of information, documents, tables, resumes, reports and many other. In order not to lose in the always changing world people use various systematization tools to ease the process. These systems are used everywhere including HR departments. Human resources specialists can receive up to thousand CVs per day which is a huge amount of manual proceeding. ATS (application tracking system) makes it possible to systematize all received resumes and not to lose a promising candidate.

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What are the tasks of ATS?

Most human resources specialists with around six years of work experience are convinced that the most efficient instrument in the brunch is an organizational skill. Being organized is the must in the world of recruitment. No technology will provide you with the full hiring procedure. Applicant tracking system can only help you in organizing the process, proceed basic search of candidates with relevant keywords, primary communication via chatbots, and make the process convenient. All the other steps require face-to-face communication, attention, knowledge of psychology, and other skills, which no AI system can yet replace.

What should a candidate keep in mind?

Not only it is used for recruitment, but also essential to keep in mind for candidates as well when writing or updating your CV. Almost all job boards and corporations are using a resume tracking system. In other words, if you are using your personal contacts to reach the company, your resume will still be put into professional software filters. This practice has been implemented to prevent discrimination and other unfair hiring practices. The coworkers of the hiring corporations are not allowed to receive personal emails with CVs in it without using ATS.

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How does it work?

All recruitment software has the same principles. A candidate finds a job posting on LinkedIn, Xing, official website of an employer or anywhere else and submit an application. After this, a resume is split into its components. It created a list of candidates all in the same format. To get into an ATS, a resume needs to be formatted in a particular way. Unfortunately, 70% of CVs have formatting errors which prevent it from getting into applicant tracking system. That is why it is decisive for a future career to know the formatting rules.


Next different applicant tracking systems are using special technologies to rank and sort all the CVs by a stated position. There is a feature which presents on a display top candidates for the position. The recruiter would have to look through all the resumes and determine which are the best match in the past. Now technologies allow getting rid of manual work. However, the negative side of it is a wrong ranking. A candidate with more significant experience and better degree can appear low on the ranking list due to the absence of keywords and phrases. For example, if you’re looking for a writer’s job you need to use such keywords writing, editing, copywriting in your CV or even phrases: write my assignment, pay someone to do my assignment in Australia. That is why it is recommended to use the appropriate keywords and phrases which grants you with a higher chance to be highly ranked in the ATS.

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Top AT systems

Most companies are buying or creating software and prefer to keep the information of the developer confident. The systems are specially designed for the specific needs of every company. However there they have the same principles of working. Greenhouse Software for example except standard sorting and filtering manages hiring process including interviews and organize post-hiring activities. Recruiterbox Software specializes in job postings in a few social networks simultaneously. It also can bulk import all the applications and ease future steps in the hiring process. Newton Applicant Tracking Software network applicant is cloud-based and has plenty of features like a database of template letters, online application manager, applications for all the devices and phones, analytics, It offers two languages English and Spanish. It is also convenient to arrange an interview in accordance with the availability of both the team member and the candidate. JazzHR is a SaaS (software as a service) type of system which includes both posting and application tracking features. A recruiter can manage the complete hiring process through JazzHR including convenient reporting system.

Bottom line

The application process is crucial for a career. It is both lottery and hard work creating an appropriate CV to be ranked by your skills. On the other hand, finding and engaging the correct person is a tough task as well. ATS systems make it easier to operate, post, manage, report, schedule and even communicate with the best candidates. However, wrongly created CV can cost you a job position. You, as a candidate, should always consider the help of the professional recruiter who will polish your resume in accordance with the latest needs of modern ATSs. You, as a recruiter, should keep in mind that some good candidate can fail in using the correct keywords.