Why Not Risk Hiring Someone Amazing? Featuring Peter Sursi of the FBI on We‘re Only Human

“And as I have these conversations with hiring managers and my peer executives, I often ask them things like, ‘Who is the best person that works with you that comes from a non-traditional background–would you take more of them?’

And of course the answer is always yes. You can! You can do that. And why not risk the possibility of getting somebody amazing?”

Peter Sursi, Talent Executive, Federal Bureau of Investigation


We’re Only Human — Episode 129


In today’s talent market, employers need to be willing to flex, change, and iterate. “The way we’ve always done it” was always a poor strategy, but today it could be crippling. 

In this episode of the podcast, Ben talks with Peter Sursi, a talent executive with the FBI. Peter’s belief is that employers should open up their hiring to nontraditional backgrounds. This not only supports diversity efforts, but it also helps to diversify talent pipelines and create a more rich and varied set of skills that your organization can tap into. 

Listen to Peter’s passionate plea for companies and hiring leaders, and take him up on the challenge to “risk getting someone amazing” into your next hiring funnel. 


Links and Show Notes

Connect with Peter on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/petersursi/ 

This episode is a replay from our 2021 State of Hiring in Today’s Talent Market event. To hear the entire event and get 3.0 HRCI/SHRM credits, get the free replay on demand here: https://lhra.io/hire21 

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