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“We collect three to 4 billion talent signals in the platform. That number is so large that if you were to spread it out over each second, it’s 30 years of data. It’s a crazy large number, but machine learning can look at that and in a millisecond find the patterns that you’re looking for and apply it to what you want in a heartbeat.” 

Cliff Jurkiewicz, VP Global Strategy at Phenom


We’re Only Human — Episode 130


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Artificial intelligence is polarizing. It’s either going to save us all or destroy life as we know it. 


Okay, that’s a bit tongue in cheek, but you know what I mean. The headlines paint one picture, but users (especially in HR and recruiting) are seeing incredible value. And that includes not just admins but employees and candidates as well. Put simply, AI can create amazing, personalized experiences .

In this episode, Ben speaks with Cliff Jurkiewicz, VP of Global Strategy at Phenom, about the use of AI technology by some notable brands like Southwest Airlines to create better experiences for candidates. In addition, they dive into some of the basics of how AI works. Most importantly, though, they tease the new AI Day that Phenom is hosting on December 9th, 2021. It’s a limited seating virtual event with some BIG announcements. You won’t want to miss this if you plan on hiring or retaining employees in the coming year. 


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