WOH 77: Implementing the Agile Talent Acquisition Methodology at BBVA

Agile talent acquisition? What’s that? 

Many of the talent leaders we encounter have heard of agile as it pertains to the software development industry, but what lessons does this methodology have for today’s talent leaders? 

Agile, at its core, is about prioritizing (ruthlessly) on the things that need to get done. In agile talent acquisition, managers hold more power to set priorities. At the same time, recruiters and talent advisors get the benefit of clearer communication, a framework that sets them up for success, and a true partnership with their customers (the hiring managers in the organization). 

In today’s discussion, Ben talks with Trent Cotton, a key figure in the implementation of agile talent acquisition methods at BBVA, a global financial firm with more than 10,000 North American employees and a global workforce of over 100,000. Cotton explains how the process works, what benefits BBVA has seen from the approach, and offers specific advice for how to make it a reality in any organization. 

If you’d like to connect with Trent, you can find him on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/trentcotton

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This is somewhat like our conversation with the H&R Block head of TA on episode 25:

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  1. jlp

    Excellent interview. Proud of our leader. I learn something new everytime I hear the presentation.

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