20+ Job Interview Do’s and Don'ts That Good Candidates Follow

As an HR professional, I am used to being on the interviewer’s side of the hiring table. That makes it easy for me to forget all the hard work candidates put into preparing for their interviews—well, some candidates. There are also people who waltz in totally unprepared, which makes me wonder whether they really want to be hired.

These 21 tips from Company Folders reveal the things prepared candidates do before, after, and during their interviews. Knowing these prep strategies will help you discern which candidates did their homework—and which ones didn’t—so you can get a better idea of who will make a good employee. Besides, it never hurts to brush up on interview etiquette; one day, you may find yourself on the other side of the table.

I’m curious to hear the most impressive behavior you have seen from a candidate during an interview—let me know in the comments.


One thought on “20+ Job Interview Do’s and Don'ts That Good Candidates Follow

  1. Gary

    The tips for a top interview are spot on. Unfortunately, there are times an employee absolutely nails the interview yet turns out to be a below standard candidate. The best candidate I have interviewed came with sealed references, mailed hand written thank you notes and seemed more knowledgeable with certain aspects of my employer than many of our current employees. This employee turned out to be a fantastic addition.

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