Better Managers, Better Support, Better Results

And so we experimented and said, let’s have a trial run at being a manager. We took about 25 people that wanted to be a manager as a cohort.  We said, okay, for a period of six to nine months, we would give you a small team you’d be responsible to learn how to interview and make hiring decisions. Then you get to decide whether or not you want to continue the manager path or not.

Pat Wadors, Chief People Officer, UKG

We’re Only Human — Episode 148

Managers are an essential part of getting work done.

But many times managers and talent leaders end up butting heads, having mismatched expectations, or simply not getting along. In this episode, Chief People Officer Pat Wadors shares her experiences and advice for creating stronger manager relationships and outcomes that benefit not just HR and line managers, but their teams as well. Pat also dive into belonging and what it means in the modern workplace, giving each of us some ideas on how to make it a part of what we do every day. 

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